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Compact Toilets

Installing a compact toilet can be one way of managing small spaces in your traditional bathroom and making it look bigger. For people struggling with their toilet room sizes, changing to the smallest toilets will grant you more space to modify your bathroom.

Types of Compact Toilets

There are four common types of these toilets you’ll find which are perfect for a limited space. These toilets are all designed with space-saving capabilities to fit in any space within your bathroom. They include:

One-Piece Toilets

These types of space spacing toilets have a tank and the bowl fused into one unit. A one-piece toilet is ideal option if you want a toilet with reduced height.

Two-Piece Toilets

A two-piece toilet has its tank and the bowl detached and joined by couplings. These toilets are generally thin and have a lesser length.

The Corner Model

These types of toilets are made to fit in the tightest corners of your compact space. The corner toilets are a great space-saving option and also come with specially designed tanks. However, they may cost you more than standard toilets because of their unique model.

Wall Mounted

They resemble tankless toilet models. However, their tanks are concealed behind a false wall which can be accessed through a flush panel. A wall-mounted toilet is an excellent space-saving option since the tank, and other plumbing systems are covered.

Tankless Toilets

Tankless toilets ideally operate without a tank. They only rely on the supply line with enough pressure behind it to flush the waste down the drain for easy cleaning. These toilets are available in many compact models that can fit well in a little space.

How to Choose the Best Compact Toilet for Small Bathrooms

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There are many different toilets in the market today bearing the same qualities you need in any toilet. While they all use a general mechanism in their functionality, other variations set them apart. For instance, some come with distinct bowl shapes, flushing options, and different installation requirements. That said, here are the things you need to look at when choosing an ideal toilet for your bathroom.

Toilet Bowl

Usually, a bowl plays a huge role in affecting the toilet’s overall size. Many toilets feature round bowls, which measure roughly 16 inches long. They may be your perfect option if you want to make the most of the available small spaces in your bathroom.

Still, other toilets have an elongated bowl, albeit not as common as the round ones. Their measurement roughly ranges between 16 to 18 inches. However, their slight elongation also means they’ll occupy a little more space than the round ones.

Toilet Seat

Small compacted toilets come with different types of toilet seat shapes. Therefore, choosing a toilet with the right seat shape is equally important as having one with the right toilet lid, bowl shape, height. This is because toilet seats affect the overall comfort of the toilet and the space required to fit a small bathroom.

The standard seat shapes available include the elongated toilet seat and a round compact toilet seat. Depending on your personal needs, you need to choose a toilet seat that suits your preferences. Additionally, a seat shape that fits perfectly in your bathroom will be a great deal if you want to save space.

You can also opt for a narrow seat, which will be space-saving but at the same time not grant you the best comfort. There are also other small toilets with convertible seats, which are considered a perfect option for toilets with a very shallow profile. They are also ideal for family-shared toilets.

The Flushing Power

Another important consideration when in the market for a new toilet is its flushing power. Modern small toilets have as many flush options as their traditional counterparts. Each flushing system has its flushing power designed according to the toilet’s functionality. For instance, some use the macerating pump cycle, while other models have a dual flushing system with choices for full or single flushes.

Depending on the flush option you chose, you need to look at its efficiency in conserving water. A dual flush toilet is always a good option if you want to control water usage.

Other flushing power technologies, such as the class five flushing technology, allow for the rapid release of water into the bowl and keep it clean for a long time. In essence, flushing power is a vital consideration when choosing your compact toilet. When browsing a buying guide, pick just the one that not only has great qualities but the best for your space.


Cost is usually an essential factor when purchasing any product from the market. It ideally makes the first impression of the product quality and efficiency in executing its functions. Small toilets, like other products, have price variations depending on their quality, type, brand, and efficiency.

However, the golden rule is always to buy a toilet you can afford without compromising quality or efficiency. While there’s a massive belief that small toilets are always expensively priced, it’s usually never the case. The only price determinant for these toilets is their unique features and specifications.

Similarly, some toilets may come at a more significant price as they are sold with everything included. Therefore, you need to look at all these aspects before settling for any purchase. In most cases, toilets sold without seats, mounting bolts, wax rings, and inch rough might look moderately priced only to end up expensive.

The Style of Your Bathroom

When choosing a compact toilet, you need to establish first if it will complement the overall décor andlayout of your bathroom. Space-saving toilets come in various looks and styles that are all designed for different aesthetics. You may find some with a sleek look but are not good enough for your bathroom. Therefore, opt for one that can accentuate your bathroom style and make it look more contemporary.

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Water Consumption

If you want the best toilet that can serve you without adding the burden of more bills, you need to first look at its water consumption. And unlike before, when small toilets could consume more than five gallons in one flush, the modern-day toilets have a design that allows them to use as little as 0.8 gpf and still serve you effectively.

For more efficient water consumption, you may want to consider a dual flush toilet. Unlike other flushing systems, this comes with an excellent option to use the full flush for solid waste only. Any other waste can be pushed down the drain using one flush. Also, look out for toilets that come with seals to prevent leakages. This is because a leaking toilet will result in more water wastage.

Ease of Installation

For an easily installable toilet, it’s better to look for one with a simple installation procedure. An easy installation also means you can get the most out of your bathroom space. Usually, toilets with installation guides that can accommodate your bathroom space and budget are always a good choice. This is recommended for DIY installation, otherwise it is totally worth it to consult and invest in a professional plumber.

Toilet Size

For a small bathroom, you need an equally small toilet that can occupy the available space without compromising comfort. In most cases, you need a toilet with the correct width and height. If you also go for a wrong inch rough size for your bathroom, there’s a probability you’ll end up with a toilet size that doesn’t fit in the available space.

However, extended toilets with their elongated material may not be a good fit for a small space. Given that you also need some space at the front end of your toilet set, you’re better off with a shorter one. This one grants you enough space for the floor area and allows you to do other activities in the bathroom. To be safe, go for toilets that don’t exceed 25 inches long.

Noise Level

You wouldn’t want a toilet with an instant noise eruption whenever you flush the water. This can be irritating, especially if your bathroom is near the bedroom or the guest room. On the other hand, if you want a compact toilet that can serve anywhere around your house, you’ll undoubtedly want to consider its level of noise.

Toilets with gravity-flush systems are considered the best as far as noise reduction is concerned. They are quiet, and some come with specially designed fill valves to limit loud flush sounds. Toilets with soft close seats are also a good choice if you want to minimize the noise resulting from slamming toilet lids.

Why a Compact Toilet is Ideal for Your Small Bathroom

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Building a bigger bathroom to accommodate a bigger toilet can be expensive while at the same time unnecessary. Instead, turning to a small compact toilet can still serve you well without any alterations to your small bathroom. Besides helping you utilize the space in your small bathroom, here are the other benefits you can enjoy when you opt for a small toilet;

1. They are Economical to Use

Small toilets are economical in the sense that they’ll cost you less to buy and install. Similarly, small-size toilets don’t need electricity to work as opposed to some of the stand-size toilets. They are also economical in water usage; hence won’t take a toll on your monthly water bills.

2. They Are Ideal for the Young and Elderly

There’s no doubt you have a young one or an older person in your home. If not, you may still have them around as visitors, meaning they need to use some of your facilities, such as the powder room. A compact toilet offers the best comfort for this group of people. Some may be confined in wheelchairs meaning they can’t use bigger toilets.

Additionally, small toilets make it easier for kids to learn to use toilets without the help of an adult. Therefore, having a small toilet in your home grants you peace of mind knowing your kids are safe to use the toilet even when you’re not around.

3. Easy to Maintain

Just like it’s easy to maintain your small bathroom, small toilets also don’t require much. Installing a compact toilet in your bathroom limits you from engaging in unnecessary activities. In the end, you’ll have an easy time cleaning and maintaining it up to the standards you want.

4. It’s the Right Option for Your Small Bathroom

Small bathrooms ideally need toilets that can fit in the available limited spaces. If you have invested a lot in building a modern house, you wouldn’t want to go on the demolition route just to fit in a large toilet. Therefore, a small toilet serves you just as much as a bigger one could, without any house design alterations.


A bathroom is an essential room in your house. It allows you to freshen up for the day and feel comfortable again. For that reason, you equally need to make it more comfortable for use. You can achieve all this by installing a small compact toilet that fits the design requirements you want. This will help you save on space and prevent you from spending a lot on remodeling.

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