Best 16 Cheap Clothing Stores Online (Websites) in (2023)

If you are looking for where to buy cheap clothes online, then good news, you’ve come to the right spot. There are more choices available than only flash sale websites when it comes to saving money while buying online.

In reality, there are many cheap clothing stores online for every possible style and occasion.

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Best 16 Cheap Clothing Stores Online For Everyone

The shops in our “top choices” area attained their ranking by continuously offering a wide range at competitive rates.

Read on to pick the ideal shopping site for you in order to avoid becoming overwhelmed by the abundance of options. We’ve collected together our online shops where you can purchase affordable apparel.

1. Amazon

Best 16 Cheap Clothing Stores Online (Websites) in (1)

Almost anything can be found on Amazon, including clothing in all measurements for basically everyone. Amazon provides whatever you need, whether you need a new bikini or a formal dress to attend as a party guest.

You don’t need to visit a specific boutique to locate items that match your body type because Amazon currently sells fashionable plus-size clothing.

Additionally, Amazon includes a sizing chart that might help you discover the appropriate apparel if you’re unsure about your size. You can get the ideal outfit for every weather on Amazon because sweaters and shirts are also offered there.


The majority of the clothes on, both formal and informal, are reasonably priced; however, not all of it is. Additionally, the business offers footwear in case you need ones to match the outfit you purchase.

On, you can get everything from jackets to dresses to undergarments to swimwear.

There are several apparels alternatives available for both men and women, so there is plenty to go around. The website also sells t-shirts and other reasonably priced goods.


A major online retailer of apparel is ASOS. Like, Asos blends excellent fashion with a reasonable price. They are a European online retailer that sells its own line of apparel and footwear in addition to more than 850 other brands.

ASOS is adored by influencers and fashion enthusiasts of all stripes and is the go-to place to shop if you’re looking for reasonably priced, well-made, stylish items.

Any trendsetter on a spending plan should turn to ASOS. The store always provides a huge assortment of items at fair prices. Another wonderful benefit is that there is no sales tax in the United States.

The apparel range truly is extensive, with lots of modern high fashion in between items that are acceptable for the workplace and casual clothing. They are renowned for providing amazing pregnancy and wedding clothing options as well.

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4. Dress Up

Dress Up’s goal to keep improving society, one garment at a time, has remained consistent over the years. Dress Up’s basic purpose is to assist women in seeing their value and to demonstrate the love of Christ. Every woman who enters our doors should depart knowing more assured and cherished than when she came.

Dress Up sells really adorable, well-made apparel at excellent pricing. Due to the frequent new arrivals, everything remains affordable. There is nearly always a promotion, and the shipping is fast and excellent.

5. 6pm

The 6pm business concept is based on providing affordable, high-quality apparel. The store sells shoes, apparel, and accessories for kids as well as adults. Brands like Columbia, Under Armour, Prana, and others are also available.

6. ThredUp

Think of ThredUp as an online secondhand store rather than attempting to find the latest trends. Although you shouldn’t have to sort through clothes racks personally, it’s similar to online shopping at a secondhand store.

ThredUp resembles a high-end internet yard sale; everything is available there. The firm authenticates each item, and shipment is fast.

7. Rue 21

Rue 21 is a retailer of clothing that guarantees to offer clients high-quality items at reasonable costs. Rue 21 is a men’s and women’s specialty shop in the United States. The company’s products are designed to appeal to both adults who want to appear and feel like 21 and 11 to 17-year-olds who want to be 21.

Rue 21 guarantees to provide consumers with high-quality clothing at reasonable pricing. They provide the broadest range of items in all shapes, sizes, and fashions to suit every taste and price range.

8. Clothing Under 10

The online apparel store Clothing Under 10 is situated in Florida. Despite their title, not all of the clothing offered is under $10; however, a lot of them seem to be.

The place to buy for a woman who decided to be stylish and economical at the same time is clothing Under 10. Whether you’re a white-collar worker or a stay-at-home mom, the clothing Under 10 wardrobe has a look for you.

For all of your fashion requirements, ClothingUnder10 includes career dress, activewear, matching sets, and even pack discounts! Everything is consistently inexpensive and of high quality.

The e-store has a sizable selection. You may also get stylish tops, including jumpsuits, sweaters, basic tees, blouses, and overcoats. They also feature a variety of bottom selections. You may get adorable cargo pants, trousers, rompers, and skirts.

And lastly, there are also several dresses. Backless, midi, mini, and maxi dresses; bodycon; College students who want to look fashionable but still want to leave their financial accounts unscathed will love clothing Under 10.

9. AliExpress

Best 16 Cheap Clothing Stores Online (Websites) in (2)

Chinese marketplace AliExpress handles online sales of goods from Chinese manufacturers. In actuality, it is a platform that connects several small manufacturers that offer a wide range of products, including apparel, technology, cosmetics, home goods, and so much more.

You might just have to wait for months for your order from AliExpress because the clothing is imported from China. But it’s difficult to resist given how inexpensive practically everything on the website is.

(Video) 5 CLOTHING SHOPS to find *AFFORDABLE + TRENDY* clothing for teens!

You may get modern, stylish, and reasonably priced clothing on AliExpress because the fast fashion industry is still strong there. You might also come across a whole lot of different brands on Aliexpress. Additionally, you may get designer clothing for a little bit extra money.

However, cheap doesn’t necessarily imply substandardly. Clothes from AliExpress are frequently of great quality and endure for a very long time period.


Best 16 Cheap Clothing Stores Online (Websites) in (3)

Another platform that offers products and clothes that are shipped from China is items could take a little longer to arrive according to where you live, but all of the clothing is quite reasonable.

Its assortment appears limitless, including computers, photo lighting, and hairpieces. Wish’s value has increased to $1.7 billion since it was founded in 2010 by former programmers from Google and Yahoo. Wish is renowned for its affordable price tags on supposedly pricey things.

Wish is like an interesting alternative store that you may browse. You have to question the credibility of this site when you see smartphones for $30 and some products being offered for free.

Wish is renowned for having low prices on ostensibly pricey goods. Try-on videos, unpacking videos, and wish reviews have all grown popular online. However, the goods aren’t offered by Wish directly; rather, they originate from other retailers. Only a fraction of their income is taken by Wish.

11. Zaful

You’ve probably come across a Zaful haul or two on YouTube if you’ve already been looking for a pretty swimsuit. The website is a top choice for customers seeking really cheap, in-style clothing since you can get a lot for your money.

On, you may buy apparel and accessories for men, women, and children, for example, swimwear, tank tops, jewelry, bodysuits, dresses, nightwear, hoodies, blouses, outerwear, and fashionable items from high-end brands like Nike, Adidas, and more.

Furthermore, you may frequently discover items for a fraction of what they would cost at a store elsewhere. Zaful specializes in exciting, wonderful clothing that is quite reasonable and will keep your closet current with the newest trends without breaking the bank.

12. Shein

Leading the worldwide fast fashion revolution is the Chinese business, Shein. It is a global B2C quick fashion e-commerce network.

The firm mostly specializes in women’s clothing but also provides men’s, kids’, footwear, purses, and other fashion accessories. Along with other distribution channels, SHEIN specifically affects markets such As Europe, the USA, Australia, and the Middle East.

SHEIN is a leading worldwide online retailer of lifestyle and fashion products dedicated to globalizing access to the beauty of clothing. Shein sells apparel in a range of price ranges, although many of the things are so much under $20 and within most people’s budgets.

SHEIN used to be a complete risk because some of their items looked great quality while others fell apart in your hand (or were child-sized). However, over time, they have improved their quality and gained a strong image, especially within the ecosystem of fashion influencers.

An extensive selection of necessities and designer clothing is offered at costs that raise the red flag. Think sexy bikinis to comfortable sweaters, gorgeous dresses to trousers suits; they now feature capsule catalogs from up-and-coming brands and influencers beginning in 2021.


Best 16 Cheap Clothing Stores Online (Websites) in (4)

ROMWE is the online clothes retailer that most closely resembles SHEIN in terms of fashion style and pricing. You’ll discover that they both offer many of the same things. This is due to the fact that ROMWE and SHEIN work for the same organization.

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SHEIN has started stocking more luxury ranges with superior quality apparel and materials, whereas ROMWE has even more affordable stuff. Nevertheless, the overall quality of each of their ordinary apparel lines is comparable.

ROMWE is the cheapest online clothes retailer, with shirts priced as low as $10. At ROMWE, you may get some stunning gowns that would cost more than $75 at Zara or H&M for only about $30 to $40.

If you’re older than your teens, you could have trouble finding anything in this store because of its youthful demographic. However, it might very well be the Alloy or Delia of today.

Additionally, ROMWE has expanded its product line to include low-cost furniture items, party favors, pet supplies, and home decor, all of which are priced affordable.

Similar to SHEIN, ROMWE frequently offers flash deals or promo codes. They also provide free delivery with minimal minimum expenditure.

14. Nasty Gal

Additionally, Nasty Gal caters to the more edgy and youthful fashionista. This online store provides items from its own Nasty Gal collection. For $15 or less in fashion, frequent the deals.

The company has a distinct look that tends to be flamboyant and dramatic as a business that originated as a vintage apparel retailer.

15. Missguided

Do you need cropped cardigan? An outerwear item with slit shoulders? For high-impact clothing aimed at the 20-something crowd, visit Missguided.

Additionally, students are entitled to 30% off regular-priced products. With up to 1,000 new things added to the website per week, Missguided takes pride in being fast fashion and “rapid style”.

However, the items’ quality is noticeably better than that of websites like Nasty Gal and Romwe, and they were really created in-house. Everything has that “model off duty” streetwear look, from stylish autumn jumpers to leather pants to loungewear.

16. YesStyle

A Hong Kong-based firm called YesStyle works to increase universal access to Asian apparel and cosmetics is a perfect choice when you want to buy cheap clothes online. The company offers Korean, Japanese, and Taiwanese fashion and accessories, including apparel, jewelry, and lifestyle goods.

Cheap clothes that cost more than a Kardashian? Check!

YesStyle provides the greatest range of fashionable apparel in both regular and fancy designs for individuals who are conscious of their financial resources. The shop has a traditional and classic atmosphere from the many civilizations that we like learning about and appreciating.

17. Macy’s

Macy’s is the last name on the list of our affordable clothing websites today. Among the many products sold by Macy’s are clothing and accessories for men, women, and kids, cosmetics, household furniture, and other everyday items.

(Video) how to get clothing/accessories for cheap! *the cheapest websites

Sales and specials change practically regularly on the company website. You can sign up for their emails or make it a practice to visit first when you are certain of what you want; it only takes a moment to verify if the ideal item is now on sale.

4 Tips When Shopping At Cheap Clothing Stores Online

You can become an expert at clothing shopping with some practice. Here are some tips to assist you in avoiding having a bad clothes internet shopping experience, especially with “no return” terms.

1. Select Reputable Stores

Today, many stores provide internet shopping. One benefit is that some companies let you return items to their stores rather than sending them back. Do some investigation before placing an order from a shop you haven’t known of.

The greatest approach to avoid being scammed is to search for trustworthy merchants. Online retailers who have earned customers’ trust are less likely to offer inferior goods.

To find some trustworthy stores, you can explore the web or do a search on social media. Influencers frequently advocate or review a variety of shops. If you want to, you can follow their advice.

2. Check For Coupons And Discount Codes

Everyone enjoys a good deal. Do we not? Searching for deals and coupon codes is the easiest method to save some money. Many online retailers provide rebates, which can help you save a ton of money. Normally, you enter the promo code in the order form to get the discount. The entire cost of the purchase is then lowered.

Many online retailers also provide free shipping if you purchase more than a specific amount. You can join their subscriptions on their websites to receive updates about these offers.

3. Know Your Measurements

You can get away with predicting what measurement you will wear in an item when you are buying in a retail shop based on what size you wear in other apparel. To achieve the greatest fit feasibly, you ought to be able to choose a size while shopping on the internet based on your measurements.

Since sizes differ widely depending on the brand, fit is typically the main issue when purchasing clothing online. Take your measures in advance and refer to the sizing chart to avoid the problem.

The size charts on some websites even specify where and how to take your body measurements, giving you precise material to work with.

4. Look For Options For Returns

What if, despite using all the advice, you still dislike the item or get the wrong size? You can cope with that in a way as well. Stores now have fairly lenient return regulations.

This way, if the item doesn’t satisfy you or you don’t want it, you may return it without losing all your money. If you are aware of the return policy, it is OK.

Just be careful to return any unwanted clothing within the allotted time. How many undesirable goods be returned? When do you have it? Will you get a complete refund? Who covers return shipping costs? An online retailer should answer back. Before making a purchase, if not, contact the retailer.


When it comes to online cheap clothing stores, there are more options than just discount clothing websites. In reality, there are a ton of popular clothing websites for every possible design and event.

Saving money on clothing is easy when you buy things at cheap clothing stores online. There are several websites that provide cheap apparel that is accessible to most individuals.

In order to achieve the best size possible, be sure to check the size chart when purchasing.

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What website has the cheapest clothes? ›

Here are 11 of the best sites to buy cheap clothes for your entire family.
  1. Old Navy. Old Navy today is not the same Old Navy you grew up with. ...
  2. Amazon. Amazon is a fantastic choice for inexpensive clothing. ...
  3. Rosegal. Are you looking for trendy and affordable clothes? ...
  4. Target. ...
  5. TJ Maxx. ...
  6. 6pm. ...
  7. Asos. ...
29 Sept 2022

Where can I buy good quality clothes for cheap online? ›

The Best online shopping at a low Budget
  • Shein online shopping website.
  • H&M.
  • G3+fashion.
  • Forever 21.
  • Myntra.
  • Shopclues.
  • Amazon.
  • Flipkart.

Which app has cheapest clothes? ›

  • 2) thredUp. thredUp is another one of the best clothes shopping apps for shopaholics on a budget. ...
  • 3) Rent the Runway. ...
  • 4) Rue La La. ...
  • 6) Poshmark. ...
  • 7) Depop. ...
  • 8) OfferUp. ...
  • 9) Amazon.
30 Jul 2022

Which is the best online site for clothes? ›

The 17 Best Places to Shop for Clothes Online in 2022
  • Nordstrom. Nordstrom. View On Nordstrom. ...
  • Saks Fifth Avenue. Saks Off 5th. View On Saks Fifth Avenue View On ...
  • Aritzia. Aritzia. View On ...
  • Everlane. Everlane. ...
  • Revolve. Revolve. ...
  • Reformation. Reformation. ...
  • Bandier. Stella McCartney. ...
  • DISSH. Dissh.
13 Oct 2022

How can I get cheap clothing brands? ›

  1. How to Buy Designer and Name Brand Clothing for Cheap. Check out websites. You may also find luck on local sites like Craigslist. While online, check out stores like Be ready to buy. Visit consignment shops. Hit up the thrift stores often. Know where the good thrift stores are. ...
  2. Join the Newsletter.
1 Jun 2021

Which is the best and cheapest clothing brand? ›

You'll look like a million bucks without actually having to spend anything close to that.
  • Topman. Courtesy of Retailer. ...
  • Amazon Essentials. SHOP AT AMAZON. ...
  • Uniqlo. Courtesy of Retailer. ...
  • Upwest. $148 AT UPWEST.COM. ...
  • Boohoo. Courtesy of Retailer. ...
  • J.Crew. SHOP AT J CREW.
6 Mar 2022

Which app is similar to Shein? ›

1. Myntra. If Shein claims to be a top-notch app for fashion shopping, Myntra is not behind either. Boasting a wide assortment of products from over 2500 brands, it's designed to be a great shopping destination for all sorts of buyers including aspiring fashionistas.

How can I save money on clothes online? ›

25 Must-Know Ways To Save Money On Clothes
  1. Buy generic basics. ...
  2. Shop out of season. ...
  3. Buy one really great swimsuit. ...
  4. Skip the factory outlets. ...
  5. Go easy on trends. ...
  6. Expand your options with accessories. ...
  7. Don't be afraid of a little DIY. ...
  8. Use coupon apps to score a better deal.

Is Zara app free? ›

ZARA is a free shopping mobile app that allows you to browse and buy clothes and other fashion products online.

Which is the No 1 online shopping? ›

List of Largest Online Shopping Sites in India
  • Zomato.
  • Snapdeal.

What is the number 1 online store? › is leading the U.S. e-commerce market, with e-commerce net sales of US$125,844 million in 2021 generated in the U.S., followed by with US$46,446 million.

Which app is good for buying clothes? ›

Best Online Shopping Apps
  • Flipkart. Online shopping wouldn't be the same in the Indian market without Flipkart. ...
  • Ajio. When talking about clothing and fashion accessories, Ajio is the service that often comes to mind. ...
  • Myntra. A true fashion fanatic knows what Myntra offers to its customers. ...
  • Nykaa. ...
  • TataCliq. ...
  • LimeRoad.
11 May 2022

How can I get a lot of clothes for free? ›

9 Ways to Get Free Clothes Online
  1. Participate in Refer-a-Friend programs. ...
  2. Set up a clothing swap. ...
  3. Check for free online clothing giveaways. ...
  4. Look on Facebook groups. ...
  5. Don't forget to check Craigslist. ...
  6. Check out ...
  7. Earn rewards points (and spend them on clothing) ...
  8. Cash in your credit card reward points.
17 Oct 2022

How can I look stylish with no money? ›

How To Be Stylish Without Spending Too Much Money
  1. Don't pay the full prices. Shop around for sales. ...
  2. Trade clothes. ...
  3. Clean out your wardrobe regularly. ...
  4. Buy second-hand clothes. ...
  5. Wait for sales. ...
  6. Invest in accessories. ...
  7. Don't look at labels. ...
  8. Listen to yourself.
17 Mar 2020

How can I be stylish with no money? ›

5 Ways To Look Stylish with No Money
  1. Shop your own wardrobe. You have so many items that you can re-invent. ...
  2. Re furbish items. Change a button, hem a pant, or add a broach. ...
  3. Pinterest. Pop onto Pinterest for Style inspiration. ...
  4. Accessories. Go through your accessories and pull out items you haven't worn in a while. ...
  5. Shop Online.
30 Jul 2020

How can I buy clothes without wasting money? ›

15 Easy Ways To Stop Spending Money On Clothes
  1. Save money for the off-season. ...
  2. Don't buy expensive fashion. ...
  3. Prefer affordable brands. ...
  4. Only buy clothes you plan to wear. ...
  5. Think classic and timeless first. ...
  6. Find amazing deals. ...
  7. Follow brands and retailers. ...
  8. Plan your wardrobe.

Is Zara cheap or H&M? ›

The H&M brand emphasizes offering their quality products cheaper as a means to keep customers trooping into their shops. They are known to offer huge discounts very often, unlike most of their competitors. On the other hand, Zara offers their products at a reasonable price as long as they match the quality.

Which is No 1 brand in clothes? ›

Apparel 50 2022 Ranking
23Louis Vuitton
21 more rows

What's a better site than Shein? ›

Online Stores Like SheIn
  • PrettyLittleThing.
  • Aliexpress.
  • Romwe.
  • Wish.
  • DressLily.
  • Amazon.
  • RoseGal.
  • Zaful.

Is anywhere cheaper than Shein? ›

List: Trendy Alternatives to SHEIN for Cheap Clothing
  • Asos might be the best alternative to SHEIN for an outrageously large selection of dirt-cheap and stylish fashion for women and men. ...
  • Boohoo sports Insanely-affordable clothing for men and women from a UK-based retailer.
7 Oct 2022

What brands are better than Shein? ›

Alternatives to SHEIN: 7 Brands You'll Love
  • CHNGE. Rated: Good. CHNGE is a US-based sustainable fashion brand using 100% organic material, built to last a lifetime while making a statement. ...
  • Plant Faced Clothing. Rated: Good. ...
  • WAWWA. Rated: Good. ...
  • CBAAF. Rated: Good. ...
  • Spell. Rated: Good. ...
  • Frankie. Rated: Great.
10 Oct 2022

Are clothes cheaper in store or online? ›

You can often find great deals online as compared to in-store, but if you're shopping for quality clothing, this is where the benefits usually end.

Is it OK to spend money on clothes? ›

Unless you're doing a specific no spend challenge or trying to shop less, it's okay to spend some money. Fashion may be a luxury, but clothing itself is a necessity. Stick to the tips below to assess how to make your monthly clothing spend stretch further.

How do I save so much on Shein? ›

Shop the SHEIN Sale Section

Since the site gets literally hundreds of new items daily, they have to make space for it all, and therefore offer sales on various categories of clothing periodically, as well as on older merchandise, offering small to steep discounts on their already low prices.

Can Zara be trusted? ›

Zara has a consumer rating of 2.18 stars from 1,010 reviews indicating that most customers are generally dissatisfied with their purchases. Consumers complaining about Zara most frequently mention customer service, return policy and credit card problems. Zara ranks 223rd among General Apparel sites.

Is Zara cheaper in UK? ›

Zara, Europe's biggest clothing retailer, has some of the biggest percentage price differentials between the UK and the rest of Europe. A British shopper pays £49.99 for a linen blend tunic dress at one of Zara's stores in the UK, equal to €58.70 at current exchange rates.

Is Zara a high end brand? ›

Zara divides the products sold within its stores into lower garments and upper garments, with price points being higher for the upper garments. Zara hopes to be perceived as a high-end retailer with affordable prices.

What is the most famous online store? › is leading the global e-commerce market, with a revenue of US$131,019 million in 2021 worldwide, followed by with US$118,515 million. Third place is taken by with a revenue of US$51,950 million.

What is the most used online store? › had a monthly traffic of almost 3.2 billion visitors in 2022, followed by with nearly 590 million visits on each month.

What are the Top 5 selling items online? ›

69+ Best-Selling Products to Sell Online in 2023
  • Apparel & Accessories.
  • Babywear and Accessories.
  • Beauty & Personal Grooming Products 4.
  • Car Accessories.
  • Health & Wellness.
  • Fitness and Sports Equipment.
  • Homeware and Decor.
  • Jewelry and Accessories.
25 Oct 2022

Is Shein clothes good quality? ›

Is Shein Good Quality? Shein can be good quality for the price but they are generally not high quality pieces. Most of what I've ordered is similar in quality to what you'd get at stores like Forever21. Some pieces are closer to Target or Old Navy quality.

What app sells the most clothes? ›

Best Apps To Sell Clothes
  • Depop.
  • Vinted.
  • eBay.
  • 4. Facebook Marketplace.
  • Etsy.
  • Style Alert.
  • Tradesy.
  • thredUP.
29 Jul 2022

What is the most trusted online shopping site? ›

Top Websites Ranking for eCommerce & Shopping in the world
RankWebsitePages / Visit Average website pages viewed per visit
46 more rows

Is Shein worth ordering from? ›

Thousands of online shoppers and fashionistas want answers to the same question: Is SheIn legit? While plenty of online reviews say otherwise, the short answer is: Yes. SheIn is a legit clothing brand, but you should always shop with caution.

Is Romwe better than Shein? ›

Romwe has lower quality compared to Shein and Zaful. It has the most affordable collections at an affordable price. In contrast, Zaful has the best quality of than other two brands. These online shopping sites also have similarities.

Why is Shein so popular? ›

Shein's business model is all in their Chinese DNA. The “real-time fashion” retailer applies what works in the Chinese e-commerce world to its western gen-z consumer base, and it works. According to Google trends, US-based netizens search for “Shein” three times more than Western brands like Zara and H&M.

Is wish a legit site? ›

Despite the unbelievable prices (and unbelievable products) from Wish retailers, Wish as an app and as an online seller is completely legit.

Who is Shein owned by? ›

Shein (/ˈʃiːɪn/ SHEE-in; styled as SHEIN; Chinese: 希音; pinyin: Xīyīn) is a Chinese online fast fashion retailer. It was founded in 2008 by Chris Xu in Nanjing, China. The company is known for its affordably priced apparel. In its early stages, Shein was considered more of a drop shipping business than a retailer.

Where does Shein get their clothes from? ›

Originally, everything on the site shipped directly from China. Now, the clothing on Shein comes from several wholesale warehouses around the world. Although many items still ship directly from Chinese factories, local places offer shorter waiting times for the same products.

Is Shein free trial legit? ›

1.1 What is SHEIN Free Trial? It's a fun platform for our customers to try out new clothes for free and review the items currently on our site. You'll get to receive free clothes in exchange for a detailed review about the overall experience, including quality, style, fit, fabric, and construction.

Is Shein worth more than Zara? ›

For perspective, Shein is now worth more than Zara and H&M, two of the world's largest publicly traded fast-fashion chains, combined. Retail analysts are baffled how an online retailer running on the saturated business model of fast fashion can be worth that much in 2022.

Is Zaful a good site? ›

ZAFUL has a consumer rating of 3.88 stars from 5,951 reviews indicating that most customers are generally satisfied with their purchases. ZAFUL ranks 2nd among Discount Clothing sites.

Is boohoo the same as Shein? ›

Britain's Boohoo, China's Shein and Hong Kong's Emmiol operate the same internet-based business model – produce items and collections at breakneck speed and rock-bottom prices. They are giving intense competition to more well-known “fast-fashion” chains with physical stores, such as Sweden's H&M and Spain's Zara.


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