6 Reasons Why Customization Is the New Marketing Strategy (2023)

The customization is definitely the newest branding strategy as it plays an important role in increasing efficiency, ensures maximum optimization of resources at hand, & cutting down unwarranted wastage.

The customer is the king- old adage,Customization is the king- new Adage.

Gone are the days when customers run behind specific products or services for their need or luxury; today as many service providers and suppliers, where differentiation for choice has become very important, and a bit tough. That’s where the new age ‘Customization’ weapon has come into play for businesses. Every customer is unique with its set of demands or needs. which is why it’s important for businesses to identify that uniqueness and cater to each of them. This formula will make it easy for a business to thrive and succeed in the long run.

The customization is definitely the newest branding strategy as it plays an important role in increasing efficiency, ensures maximum optimization of resources at hand, & cutting down unwarranted wastage. When implemented properly and audited regularly, customization can become a startup business’s edge to level out the competition in the business arena.

To paint a clearer picture of why customization is now becoming the new marketing strategy among businesses, consider the points below:

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1. Customize CRM System to Wow Your Customers

Every business unit even in the same industry will differ from one another, in various criteria, ranging from the size of the company to place, to the business/delivery model. This ever-changing market environment with a different business unit, a different style of operation, and a different set of needs will demand a unique solution.

A common CRM for a global level MNC and for a localized e-commerce business will not work the same way.Customized CRM Software has been one of the most sought solutions in the market because CRM deals with the collection of correct and relevant data for business activity, which becomes the base for analysis and future action, it becomes imperative that CRM software works in synchronization with the business unit and caters to its specific demand.

The information you can get from a customized CRM software will make it easy for you to create and use customizable invoice templates that suit the demands of your customers. Instead of spending a lot of time and money on various research to know what your customer wants, a customized CRM will make this process easier for you. A customized CRM can also be a goldmine for your business to know more about your customers and what they expect from your business.

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Streamlining the process and making it available when you want it and then using it to convert the lead is going to offer an edge over others. Easier conversation, reduced the problem and increased sales is what you love to see, right?

2. Customize Live Chat Platforms To Connect with the Audience 24x7

It is a well-known fact that handling customers is no easy task. Regardless of how innovative or effective your products and services are, more often than not, customers will always have to complain or inquire about it. If you want to save time from dealing with customers who have repetitive or basic concerns, implement a customized live chat platform that connects to your audience 24/7.

The live chat software is a tool that grants the businesses to create a better customer experience and for this, they need custom-made software, uniquely designed only for them. The live chat will not only help you to decrease your operating cost but also save time for employees per day.

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Instead of assigning employees to answer repetitive questions thrown by your customers, you can use a customized live chat platform for this purpose. Since this is automated, a customized live chat platform will improve the efficacy of your customer service while allowing your employees to manage other important tasks of the business.

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Installing the live chat software for big companies is an obvious tool and the benefits are convincing in all ways. From extending the automation to your employees and customers to using multiple languages to deal with customers from all fronts, it helps you to connect to your audience emotionally and makes a conversation easier and short. Imagine a customer explaining his/her problem for 15 minutes straight. What did you get? Probably an annoyed customer vowing to never call up again. Not too good for the business.

A clever call routing, less-hold time and personalized yet professional touch in the conversation is what a live chat software is capable of. IVR is a 24x7 call center rep that never goes off duty.

3. Customize The Website To Carve A Niche In The Market

This is one of the primary things to do and unfortunately, not many businesses have taken it seriously. A good website is like the bright and tidy showroom that showcases your products/services and gives an ample idea about your well-being. How many of us would like to scroll the shabby looking, jargon-filled and illegible content? Not many.

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A beautifully building business website with legible fonts, intelligent use of the keywords and one that is offering brief and convincing details on the products/services proves beneficial to the business. Check where your competitor is lacking and fill that lacuna with your intelligence. Personal or professional, both websites have the advantage of being recognized for their look and feel and yes, people love to read fresh and interesting content and look at testimonials and photos.

4. Customize Communication To Attain A Closer Relationship With Customers

Correct and apt communication is the backbone of any business activity and businesses recognizing businesscustomers and their needs willalleviate credibility and imbibes the reliability factor. For your business to progress in the market, you need to provide communication channels that allow your business to reach your customers and, at the same time, encourage your customers to speak to your business with ease.

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A small sample survey showed, an advertising mail, with no personal touch, generally finds its place in the spam folder, however, similar advertising mail, addressing the reader by his/her name, and with interactive content, induces the reader to click on the link to check out the offer. Nowadays the e-commerce company, after the consent, also verifies the cookies of the Internet browsing of customers. The sites record surf history and lateroffer based on the readers' interest, thenanalyzing Internet surfing history.

Remember that you are dealing with the human brain, seeing hundreds of emails daily and if they can't find your email relevant and meaningful, they won't bother to even have a second glance over it, forget about clicking the link.

As discussed above every enterprise even if in the similar industry varies from another enterprise/business unit, with its unique set of requirements and deliverables, hence to optimize the operation to maximize the return by efficient functioning, customizing processesof use.

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It's wise to adopt, as rigidity has finished many businesses, and will continue to do so if the changing atmosphere that is encountered when running a business is not taken into consideration. A customized business process offers you a chance to check and make necessary changes wherever possible/necessary to keep up with the times and ever-changing business environment. Whether that means employing physical asset management software or your marketing team using digital asset management software with different types of metadata, a customized business process is important as it makes sure you are not using age-old business practices that have become obsolete.

6. Customize Business Cards to Create an Effective Recall Value

Much like usingcustom invoice templates, abusiness card is not only a graceful way to create a reminisce but a manifestation that you want to reach out to more people personally andprofessionally to expand your business. A customized business card with concrete messages, you useused for both personal and professional reasons and while it is a tangible way to connect with more audience, potential clients and advertise your business, it also lets you brand your products and services in a desirable way.

In conclusion

Sit with a professional graphic designer and work together as exactly what you want on it - logo, contact details, products, and services, etc. short, simple yet uniquely designed trendy business card will help you gain credibility, offer a chance to spread the word and make sure that your card is distinctly remembered by the associates from among the many that they receive daily!

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As Philip Kotler said - Customer is the king in marketing, and in this new age business, Customization along with quality is the surest way to win over the King.

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