6 Best Online Marketing Strategies that Top Brands Use - LYFE Marketing (2023)

An online marketing strategy is a way to promote your services and generate new customers through digital channels.

Things like social media, search engines, display advertising, and more can be utilized to spread brand awareness…

…and draw in larger audiences on the platforms they use the most.

But which online marketing strategy is best?

Well, there is no single answer when it comes to defining the best online marketing strategies, tips, or guidelines for small businesses.

Your strategy will vary from others depending on the needs of your own business.

Creating the perfect digital strategy only happens after research, trial & error, and knowing how to optimize your campaigns for the best results.

It’s a combination of tools & tactics, tailored for your business, that will work.

Sure, there are a few digital marketing basics that you need to understand before you can employ the best online marketing tactics.

But trust us, it’s not rocket science.

And if you are passionate to see your business grow online, you won’t take long to realize its true value.

Through this article, we want to touch on some of the best online marketing ideas & tactics…

…that will help you define the best online marketing plan for your business.

And we won’t disappoint you!

We deem this topic of online marketing one of the most important pieces of knowledge that a business owner needs to adopt.

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And the global statistics below prove why you should too.

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Internet usage in the U.S. has more than doubled in the last five years alone.

Close to two decades after the dot-com boom of the late 90’s and the crash in early 2000.

The bubble burst made people wary of internet usage moving forward.

But it came back with a vengeance and shifted the dynamics of marketing as a whole.

We are seeing a shift in how people consume media & entertainment.

Moving over from traditional magazines and TV networks to the much more digitized smartphones and apps.

This changed the game of how business owners need to market their businesses. In came the search for the best online marketing strategies.

And we are going to show you just that with the help of some noteworthy industry examples.

Even before you start thinking about this being just another channel to boost your sales, let us tell you – it is so much more.

At its core, it is important to understand the purpose of having the best online marketing strategy.

You want to not only grow sales but also to connect with customers in a way that is more popular than all other traditional channels.

Just like in the case of Airbnb. Some of their best online marketing efforts go towards user experience & improvements.

It took me some research and a few personal experiences to realize that they invest a substantial amount of their resources in first understanding…

…what the customer needs to make for an unforgettable vacation.

This followed by brand-centric elements (think best tips, transportation routes, things to do nearby, etc.) betters that experience.

They have also mastered the art of using some of the best online marketing techniques to find chatter about people’s experiences online.

And, solve any customer complaints before it starts hurting their brand.

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Business owners can literally break down the term online marketing and catch it from its roots – by marketing your business online.

There are several popular social media channels, all serving a different purpose for their audience…

…that you can use effectively to market your business in different ways.

In simple terms, your online business goals will majorly help define the best online marketing tactics in your marketing arsenal.

Now that we have covered some of the basic understanding behind online marketing.

Let’s dig deeper into what are some of the best online marketing strategies out there and how brands use them according to their business models.

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6 Real-World Examples Of Successful Online Marketing Strategies

1. Lululemon used social media marketing to evolve its brand

When thinking about the best digital marketing ideas that brands can use, Lululemon presents another perfect example.

Using social media marketing, the brand evolved from a business with just yoga attire at its center to offering everyday comfort wear in line…

…with the requirement of its users, all using the online marketing space.

As their go-to online marketing plan, they use Facebook creatively to connect with their audience.

Time and again to remind customers of the comfort they offer through their products.

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Over the years and after countless interactions with their customers, they have made a household name for themselves with working women…

…who are also into fitness and wellbeing – A market made up of 75 million targets in the U.S.

They have understood well that to stay popular among their audience.

They will need to connect with them in a way that is relevant to what their customers are asking for.

Research shows that customers no longer want comfortable yoga attire only during fitness sessions.

They rather continue to feel this comfort even as casual attire.

Lululemon capitalized on this new found information.

Using the platform’s ad-targeting algorithms, they started showing their new products to consumers who engaged with…

…competing brands layered with fitness (a category Lululemon was already famous in).

This built brand recognition beyond just fitness attire and this in itself became a case study in using the best online marketing strategies…

…for an evolving brand.

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On the other hand, YouTube is a digital platform where people come to see videos.

It is one of the best online marketing channels if you use it wisely.

Your brand can use this online channel to promote how-to videos to potential customers and make it easy for them to use your product.

Resulting in an excellent user experience.

That right there is your first best online marketing tactic by using social media marketing.

2. Local business use Google Search for their online marketing presence

Google Maps, Google Reviews, and Google Ads are all part ofGoogle’s search and display advertising tools for business owners.

These three services dominate about 33% of all online advertising done by local businesses around the world.

They account for the highest online advertising revenue generated with no apparent competitor other than Facebook.

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Their online advertising business has grown more than 50% in the last 5 years alone.

Google’s parent company Alphabet has understood well that the market has shifted from a physical location to a digital presence first.

Thus, introducing an array of tools that smooth out the entire consumer process right from search to desire to action.

This is called PPC Marketing or Google Ads.

And this online journey has become an opportunity for advertisers to get in front of their customers.

This is further explored and presented by Google as a combination of some of the best online marketing practices available to business owners today.

Google Search is used by consumers solely as a search engine.

People search for your business-specific keywords and already have a high purchase intent.

During this time, if you show them ads promoting your product and highlighting why your product is superior.

It can well be your best online marketing platform that boosts sales.

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Imagine your own online behavior as someone who is craving some good dessert in your neighborhood.

In a flash, you will pick up your smartphone and search for a popular dessert shop nearby through Google Search.

You will then see Google reviews about that place to see if the place is worth a visit and let Google Maps’ navigation take you right to it.

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In this entire process, you will see numerous sponsored ads from both Google and third-party partners.

You also leave behind something known as digital footprints that will then be used by marketers to retarget you based on your clicks and website opens.

It is difficult not to think of Google when talking about the best online marketing strategies that brands use and trust us they are just getting started.

With newer technologies like artificial intelligence and virtual reality, it’s anyone’s guess what avenues will it open up for online marketing.

Summary Google has introduced an array of tools that smooth out the entire consumer process right from search to desire to action.

3. Uber’s Email Segmentation Tactics

First off, let’s talk about Uber which has time and again used email marketing to get in front of customers and promote their business.

Uber’s case study is one of the best in email marketing tactics.

In our previous blog, we examined how Uber uses effective email marketing and segmentation tactics to reach its customers online.

They have taken a page right out of the best online marketing techniques playbook.

To summarize, they understand the power online marketing can bring to their business and employ email marketing as a tactic to grow their business.

First, using geographical data from their customers, they segment email lists based on geographies…

…and then hit customers with promotional emails right before or during a busy event in that town.

This is not only a great email targeting tactic but also an applaud-able localized communication strategy.

They also segment their customer emails based on app usage. More loyal customers get more rewards.

This is one of the best online marketing methods companies use to create repeat business and keep long-term customers

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4. Southwest’s Customer Retention Strategy

Being just a brand that advertises online is not enough to stay ahead of the competition.

Retaining your customers’ attention & loyalty too is key to long-term success.

Southwest Airlines has understood that well and goes after not just customer attention but also their loyalty.

They use all their online marketing channels (email or social media channels) to listen to…

…what customers are saying about them online, popularly called social listening.

By listening on social media and other sites, Southwest turns what customers are saying (positive or negative) into…

an opportunity to surpass user expectations.

This is something they have mastered well.

And a feat for which they have earned many positive mentions again and again. This is customer loyalty 101.

No matter which marketing tactic you use, keeping customers at the center of your business model…

…and improving customer retention is one of the best online marketing tactics you could employ as a growing business.

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5. Influencer marketing is Nike’s best online marketing strategy

If you will choose between a product you only saw on a TV commercial and a product recommended by a friend, which one will you choose?

You would probably pick the latter. Why? Because you know your friends, and you trust them.

That is what influencer marketing is all about.

Products being recommended by people who have influenced you in purchasing things you are interested in and they have already tried.

Nike – a prime example of creating a well-defined online marketing strategy.

They have found their niche in influencer marketing and use it as their best online marketing tactic.

The traditional approach of doing things would be to create ads or release press announcements to promote their new line of products.

Even hiring a popular celebrity to mass advertise a new pair of sneakers wouldn’t be unheard of.

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But, Nike conducts hefty online research to first identify trendsetters…

…in the entertainment industry who have millions if not billions of followers.

They then openly commission them to design their own line of Nike branded…

…products and popularize among only their followers.

This not only gives them a huge market advantage…

…(as these influencers have a strong fan base anyway).

But, it also helps to keep their brand feel exclusive rather than mass-marketed.

This is what we like to call a perfect example of reverse engineering a product’s marketing cycle.

Generally brands design and produce a product first and then use different advertising tactics to promote it.

But Nike chooses to make a product famous by associating it with a popular figure before producing it in a way to meet the surging demand.

One such line of products was Nike’s Air Jordan.

The line is popular even long after thesports legend’s distinguished playing career seized and is one of the company’s best-selling lines of footwear.

Bonus Example – Marriott Hotels is a first-mover when it comes to using new technological advancements like…

…augmented and virtual reality to up their brand experience.

They now use both these technologies to lure customers who are not even in their target geography.

Imagine travelers who are far away yet use augmented reality to view Marriott’s beach-facing hotel rooms, even before booking.

Innovation at this scale creates a brand value that is difficult to replicate anytime soon.

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Summary Nike has found its niche in influencer marketing and uses it as its best online marketing tactic.

6. Tesla’s online marketing tricks

Away from all these tactics, one brand is the silent killer of them all. Tesla – the epitome of online marketing by a corporation.

With a nearly non-existent marketing budget and no fanfare of online presence, one graph proves it all.

Below is a graph showing the total mentions across social channels of 29 of the world’s biggest car brands:

6 Best Online Marketing Strategies that Top Brands Use - LYFE Marketing (12)Source: Talkwalker.com

How do they manage onbeing so digitally silent and yet gaining an all-electric market share twice that of its nearest competitor?

Simple? Not so much so.

They use reputation management combined with timely public relations as a tool to gain valuable impressions & word of mouth for their brand online.

A few months back, Elon Musky, its CEO, in a bid to promote Space X’s (a space company founded by him) heavy-duty rocket…

…decided to put a Tesla car into space as a dummy load.

This event was hugely popularized in media and gained more earned online media than millions of dollars ever could.

Memes started circulating online in no time, and the whole world was talking about Tesla to a point that the company & its CEO…

…cemented their place as the most innovative foothold of American technological advancements. Fast forward to today.

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Fans can’t wait for Elon’s next tweet or to get their hands on whatever product his company designs.

Even a prototype product was sold out in 15 minutes.

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To conclude, let’s recap on some of the best online marketing practices that we discussed today.

From Lululemon’s Facebook marketing tactics to Southwest’s social listening and monitoring.

There are more than enough features in the digital world that coordinate to create the best online marketing out there.

Now that you have a little more knowledge, we hope the examples in this article have shined a light on how business owners market their brands online.

You should feel equipped with enough firepower to take on your competition and win at being a small business.

If not, or if you just need someone to take a load off your plate, then that’s why we’re here.

Our team of experts can help you design a custom marketing plan just for your business.

Contact us to schedule a time to chat about your marketing plan today.

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