100 Funny Monday Quotes and Sayings To Brighten Your Day (2023)

Mondays… We all like them… not!

If there’s one day of the week that could easily be renamed to “Ugh”, that would be Monday. It’s the most famous day of the week and not because we love it.

Even if we snooze the alarm nine times in a row on Monday morning, we still (eventually) have to face it (strong coffee and silence are preferable too).

Yet, the first day of the week is always the one we have the most fun of. And why not? Everything looks manageable after a few shots of laugher, right? Even Monday! (squeaky) Right?

Today, we’ve put together not just a few but 100 of the best funny Monday quotes and sayings that will fix your mood no matter how gloomy your Monday looks.

100 Funny Monday Quotes To Make Your Monday Happier

Sarcastic and Funny Monday Quotes for You

100 Funny Monday Quotes and Sayings To Brighten Your Day (1)

1. Monday should be optional.

2. Good morning. Keep calm and pretend it’s not Monday.

3. Yay, Monday!” Said no one… Ever

4. Monday: nothing a bit of shopping can’t fix.

5. May your coffee be strong and your Monday productive.

6. This is the mondayest Monday that ever mondayed.

7. Maybe Monday doesn’t like you either.

8. Dear Monday, my mama doesn’t like you and she likes everyone.

9. Monday I shall slay thee with me mighty cup of coffee.

10. Monday checklist: coffee, coffee, coffee, coffee.

11. I hate mornings and Mondays. And working. But other than that I am entirely happy.

12. It’s Monday but keep smiling.

13. Due to lack of interest. Monday has been canceled.

Hello Monday!

100 Funny Monday Quotes and Sayings To Brighten Your Day (2)

14. Hello, Monday! May I ask you a question? Why are you always back so quickly? Don’t you have a hobby?

15. Monday is like a math problem. Add the irritation, subtract the sleep, multiply the problems, divide the happiness.

16. Dear radio stations, please do not play Katy Perry’s “Friday Night” Monday morning at 8 AM during my drive to work.

17. Things I don’t like: 1) Probably you. 2) Cold coffee. 3) Small talk. 4) Mondays. 5) Having a small talk with you on a Monday while my coffee is getting cold.

18. I swear it was Friday like 5 minutes ago.

19. My Week is like: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Blink, Monday.

20. Dear Monday, go step on a lego.

Funny Monday Captions To Brighten Your Day

21. If each day is a “gift”, I’d like to know where I can return the Monday.

22. What we do on Sunday absolutely doesn’t matter unless it meets us on Monday. Changes us on Monday. Transforms us on Monday. Judah Smith

23. Employers are at their happiest on Mondays. Employees are at their happiest on Fridays.

24. Monday is great for becoming too busy to die.

25. So. Monday. We meet again. We will never be friends—but maybe we can move past our mutual enmity toward a more positive partnership.

26. In the sentence: “I love Monday”, the guy is crazy, retired, or on vacation.

27. If Monday were a person, it would be a boring friend who always forces us to do what we don’t want.

28. I accept that it exists, but the day I like a Monday, I will be close to meeting human madness.

Incompatibility issues with Monday…

100 Funny Monday Quotes and Sayings To Brighten Your Day (3)

29. I and Monday are not compatible: she wants me to wake up and smile and I just want the weekend to come fast!

30. Monday would not be so unpleasant if it didn’t happen every week.

31. The worst moment today has happened. That was when the alarm went off and I realized it was Monday.

32. There are people who are like Monday: I don’t like it, I don’t want it and I don’t need it.

33. Monday is almost Tuesday, which is not so far from Wednesday which is neighboring Thursday, and Friday. Enjoy your day!

34. Enjoy every second of Sunday, for when you least expect Monday comes to haunt you.

35. If Saturday is like this, imagine Monday.

36. Monday again? Is it every week now?

37. I bring bad news: tomorrow is Monday.

38. Monday is for people with a mission. Those who favor vacations, not weekends.” Cristina Imre

39. Set your clocks at the start of the weekend so that you know just how much fun time you get to have. Then smash your clocks so you won’t know when Monday starts.

40. Hangovers are bad; hangovers are even worse on a Monday morning.

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Hilarious Monday Quotes To Share On Social Media

41. Why does getting up on Monday seem way harder than getting up on Friday?

42. Never make your favorite song the alarm for Monday morning; you’ll hate it for years.

43. If Monday were a person, it wouldn’t have friends.

44. Even if Monday and Thursday switched places, I would still hate Monday.

45. I can honestly say that I am likely to resemble a sloth when I crawl out of bed on Monday morning!

46. What is your favorite day of the week, and why it is your favorite day of the week? Mine is Tuesday because that means Monday is gone.

47. That obnoxious moment when your boss calls you early on a Monday asking where you’re at.

48. Mondays and Thursdays are the two hardest days of the week for me. Mondays because it’s the first day of the school week, and Thursdays because it’s not Friday!

49. Monday morning Facebook status updates are my favorite. The sheer sarcasm in everyone’s posts always makes me smile and feel a little less guilty about hating this day so much.

50. I’m not sure if it’s the end of the world or just Monday.

51. SMONDAY: The moment when Sunday stops feeling like a Sunday and the anxiety of Monday kicks in.

Monday Motivation Quotes

100 Funny Monday Quotes and Sayings To Brighten Your Day (4)

52. Hey, I know it’s Monday. But it’s also a new day and a new week. And in that lies a new opportunity for something special to happen. Michael Ely

53. Mondays are the start of the workweek which offer new beginnings 52 times a year! David Dweck

54. Your Monday morning thoughts set the tone for your whole week. See yourself getting stronger, and living a fulfilling, happier, and healthier life. Germany Kent

55. It’s just another manic Monday. I wish it was Sunday. ‘Cause, that’s my fun day. My, I don’t have to run day. Prince Rogers Nelson

56. This is your Monday morning reminder that you can handle whatever this week throws at you.

57. What about Monday? That could be the one day we look at things the same way and wear funny shoes. Kevin Dalton

58. I really need a day in between Sunday and Monday.

59. It’s Monday. Get a new perspective. Whatever obstacle you’re facing—it’s not permanent.

60. This should be the spirit every Monday. Know that something good will always happen. Gabriel Garcí­a Márquez

61. I must break the routines and become a person who becomes productive every Monday. I must break the mindset of unhappiness and turn myself into a happy magnet for Mondays. Leggy Saul

62. You are in control. Never allow your Monday to be manic. Andrea L’Artiste

63. Mondays are tough only for those people, who don’t know how to spend them cheerfully. Get up and have fun today!

64. Mondays are mundane, like Tuesdays minus 24 hours. Jarod Kintz

65. Think BIG, believe BIG, act BIG, and the results will be BIG because it is Monday, Be pumped up for another week!

66. This Monday, choose to make a difference. Every little action counts. Good Morning!

Good Morning Monday Quotes

67. Mindful Monday Humans, May your coffee kick in before reality does. Joan Didion

68. Take advantage of Monday to think about what you need to do to get what you want. Good Morning!

69. A little positive thinking in the morning can change your entire day. Good Monday!

70. Monday can be seen as a great day: you are past Sunday!

71. Hello Monday! Sunday was good, and you will be even better.

72. The only certainty in this life is that Monday comes for everyone. A little humor to face at the beginning of the week always goes well. How about starting Monday smiling?

73. I love it when a new week begins and this is no exception. Good Monday!

74. Nothing like a brand new Monday to write a new story.

75. Not every Monday needs to be bland. Do it differently!

76. You make me feel Monday is Saturday. Avijeet Das

I Love Monday Quotes

100 Funny Monday Quotes and Sayings To Brighten Your Day (5)

77. Why is Monday so far from Friday? And why is Friday so close to Monday?

78. It’s Monday! Shake it up!

79. Oh, come on, it’s Monday, not Doomsday. Make it a good one!

80. Do what you love and you’ll not have a problem with Monday.

81. Keep calm and pretend it’s not Monday.

82. It’s Monday, I’m happy, I’m blessed, and I’m going to do amazing things this week.

83. It’s Monday. Time to take over the world.

84. Mondays: the only day you can wear the same exact outfit as yesterday without anyone knowing.

85. Rainy days and Mondays never get me down.

86. Dear Monday, thanks for having the word ‘mon’ in you. That’s French for ‘mine’, in case you weren’t aware, Monday, but it makes me think of you more as ‘my day’, and frankly, that sounds like a much more promising start to the week.

All You Need Is Monday

87. You don’t need a New Year to make a change, all you need is a Monday.

88. Roses are red, Mondays are hard. I’m not good at poetry. COFFEE.

89. New Monday, new week. Let nothing stop you from reaching your goals.

90. This is your Monday morning reminder that you are powerful beyond measure, that you are capable of anything you are willing to work for, and that you could change your life today.

91. Monday: negative thoughts not allowed!

92. Monday plan: drink coffee, be awesome, ignore negativity.

93. According to researchers, Monday mornings are so depressing that on average, humans don’t crack a smile until 11:24 a.m!

94. Don’t dislike Monday. It’s a nice start to the rest of the week. Treat it fine, it will treat you fine too. If you have a positive attitude, the world is sure to delight you.

95. Monday gets a bad wrap because it’s the start of the workweek. It’s not a bad day though!

96. It’s Monday, and I’m happy to see it! Why? Because it is another day that I have been given! Have a great day!

97. Happy Monday! Or as I like to think of it, pre-pre-pre-pre-Friday!

98. On Mercury, a day lasts 1,408 hours. Just like every Monday does on Earth.

99. Happy Monday. Don’t worry, Friday is (almost) coming.

100. When life gives you Monday, dip it in glitter and sparkle all day.

Conclusion on Monday’s Quotes

No matter our feelings, Mondays come and go. Make the most of each day of your life, enjoy it, live it fully and meaningfully. And why not share these quotes with someone else to make them smile?

100 Funny Monday Quotes and Sayings To Brighten Your Day (6)

100 Funny Monday Quotes and Sayings to Brighten Your Day

100 Funny Monday Quotes and Sayings To Brighten Your Day (7)


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